LITHEA “sensitive forms of stone” is a brand of interior design made ​​in Italy was  founded in 2008 by Patrizia Furnari, in collaboration with MGM FURNARI historic Italian company with half a century of experience in the processing of stone materials.

LITHEA is a company which cultivates experimentation and encourages Italian craftsmanship, while following the logic of series in its production and distribution of its products worldwide.

Production Technology, especially, makes use of the numerical control of the block of material processed and employs computerized systems for the first stages of manufacture, the stone being hand crafted by specialist stone masons only once this initial treatment has been carried out.

The decision to compete with the design, linking its name to internationally renowned designers, to bring to the field of stone materials exceptional changes in terms of design, technological innovation, production and finishing, is the new and impressive rule on which LITHEA has set the future professional and productive route.

LITHEA reinvents the face of the stone material allowing it to enter fully between the materials of contemporaneity. The stone reveals sensitive forms giving life to communicative skins in continuous transformation and to elements of furniture by the strong personality and characteristics of absolute uniqueness.

“The marble becomes light, almost clear, to touch, caress, use. To fill with water, essence, light. “